Malcolm Nance Called the Insurrection 62 Days Before It Happened


Someone wrote yesterday. Your decision not to be political is a decisive political decision for the other side. Yeah. When it's the overthrow of the United States government. Oh, is that all we're talking about? Jeez. As someone that called the insurrection before the insurrection. 62 days. That's right. 62 days on Bill ma or real time with Bill Maher. I told Bill to his credit. It was the kumbaya episode. Yeah. And Trump's gone. Oh, we can all rest. Yeah, we should really find out what they want. We should address their concerns. And I love Bill, but you know, I sat very quietly there. You know, while he was saying that, and he said, well, it can't be all doom and gloom. And I said, oh, you want doom and gloom? Do you boy? That's why I'm here. That was my cue. And I said, we're going into an insurgency. Yeah. And he was like, insurgency, like Iraq, and I was like, yeah, it was Saddam and uday and kusa. You know? That's when you use the word vanilla ISIS. Yeah, vanilla ice is. And you know, we are now in it. And insurgency is a campaign of destabilization. And the Republican Party is an insurgent party. Understand what we're saying. Malcolm Mann said this before January 6th happened. Can I point something out? Yes. That book was contracted on December 12th, 2020. Wow. A book about the United States going into insurgency leading towards Civil War. So at least Saint Martin's press got it, right?

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