Julie Kelly: Jan. 6 Hearing Was Nothing but Political Theater


Julie I didn't see all of it last night I'm just going to be straight with you I saw some clips I did my homework on it this morning I was watching the hockey game the thing bombed in the ratings the numbers just came out America's largely moved on But Tom Massey and others have asked some pretty simple questions of people like Merrick Garland very simple questions like hey were there any federal assets or federal agents involved in this whole planning or operational thing You call the insurrection on January 6th Don't you find these strange they can never really answer that question They can And it's intentional and last night instead of showing clips of interviews with FBI director Christopher wray House speaker Nancy Pelosi who was responsible for security and the capital that day Instead of seeing all the records and documentations between Pelosi's office D.C. mayor muriel Bowser's office capitol police the FBI instead of seeing legitimate records and information and interviews with the key players that day we saw nothing but theater we saw capitol police officer once again giving this overdramatic account of what happened to her that they should she's been knocked downstairs absolutely not But even her testimony officer AdWords conveniently left off the name that we still can't get an answer for Dan and that's right apps She was right there when apps was there They added it out the footage of him She did not mention his name We still can't get an answer about that but more importantly who were the FBI undercover agents and informants that day why was the capital left intentionally unsecured Where are all the FBI records Where are those records Where's the surveillance video Where's the pipe bomber What Can you I

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