WHY Biden Is Performing Worse Than Any President in Modern History


Fascinating. He is doing so poorly. And the reason I suspect is because, look, people didn't sign up for this. They thought, okay, we'll get rid of the drama, right? A lot of independence. A lot of independents felt very strongly that they just want to know more drama in The White House and thus they voted for Joe Biden without real thought in terms of what would it mean for our policy? And whether or not he really had the leadership chops to be able to accomplish what needs to be done there in the Oval Office, so I don't think that people were entirely aware in some ways of what they might be getting, but they thought, hey, you know how bad going to be, right? Because we had been doing pretty well economically, actually we were doing the best that we ever had. We were seeing a peaceful situation as well on the international front. And while we had challenges, which have continued to be augmented, certainly at the border, we kind of were on cruise control in a way. And now the cruise control is over, and they're saying, wait, what's different? How did this happen? This was supposed to be the guy that wasn't offensive to anybody, but certainly wasn't going to really screw things up. And I think there's an opinion out there in America, certainly judging by these poll numbers that he really did screw things up, and so consequently, there's no faith. And he didn't have the base to begin with, right? He didn't have that sort of Uber aggressive base that say a Bernie Sanders might have had. The socialists want to take over the country. He didn't have that. So for the base, he's not left enough, and for those in the middle, he's out there in left field in a way that makes him feel rather disengaged from the day to today activity that needs to happen to run the country. And so I think there's a belief in a feeling that he's just not up to the job.

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