Polio fears rise in New York amid possible community spread


New York State health officials are upping their call for residents to get vaccinated against polio citing evidence of community spread They're describing it as the tip of the iceberg in a statement New York health commissioner doctor Mary Bassett warns residents that for every one case of paralytic polio observed there may be hundreds of other people infected The polio virus has now been found in wastewater samples in both rockland and orange counties both known as centers of vaccine resistance fast it is urging the community to get it to keep from suffering the fate of an unvaccinated young adult who developed paralysis The first person known to be infected with polio in the U.S. in nearly a decade Doctor Jennifer nuzzo is an epidemiologist with Brown university This is not the first vaccine preventable illness we've actually seen in rockland county and just before the pandemic there was a very large measles outbreak in brocklin county Also due to low vaccine coverage Infected people could have no symptoms but still transmit the polio virus which can cause paralysis and even death I'm Jennifer King

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