Questions of Election Integrity Following Arizona Primaries


Well, right now, let's look at the week of August 1st. Here we are Thursday, August 4th. There was a primary Tuesday. In Arizona. I think it's fair to call Carrie Lake controversial. The left hates her, she's endorsed by Donald Trump, former TV newscaster, and they still don't know whether she won or not. They got her up by a couple of percentage points. And I'm reading from the Arizona media, let's see, Fox ten Phoenix, primary election 2020. Our 2022 confusion in canal county. Is caused by unprecedented demand for in person ballots. Here's a headline from an Arizona paper, smeared ink, pilfered pens, ballot shortages, scattered election day issues dot otherwise smooth day. I mean, other than that noise misses Lincoln, how did you like the play? Smeared ink on the ballots, ballot ballot shortages, all kinds of now you remember hanging dimpled chads? Well, in Arizona right now, it's smeared ink.

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