Breaking Down the Reason for the Britney Griner Conviction


Brittany griner, her excuse was that she has medical marijuana and she decided or she accidentally left the marijuana in a bag because she was packing in an expedited fashion. She was rushing. And any man in America knows. Let me just explain it like this. Don't get mad at me. Women, they have a whole bunch of stuff to pack and they get crazy when they pack in all kinds of stuff. I can see how a woman can forget a vape pen or whatever in a luggage. However, Brittany griner is a man, or at least in her relationship she looked like the man in the other girl looked like a girl. So her masculinity makes me believe that she aligns more with men and you know men we ain't packing Harley anything. It's no way we gonna accidentally put a pen in there because we only got 5 shirts in three underwear. And we gone for a whole month. Women got makeup in there. And if they time them up correctly, they gotta put them things in there. And so you got a whole bunch of stuff that women are packing. But Brittany griner, she dressed like a dude. She acted like a dude. She's probably not packing that much stuff.

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