Energy Secretary Granholm: Biden Policies Didn't Affect Gas Prices


Josh hawley is a listener to the text my pillow text line just pointed out. Josh hawley was one of only 11 who didn't agree with sending $40 billion of our money, taxpayer money to Ukraine. The texture says he's great. We need more like him. Listen to senator hawley confronting this mealy mouth wishy washy, non committal energy secretary because after all, one would think that when people are looking at maybe $6 a gallon for gas, they got to deflect blame. And the record high gas prices have to be anybody's fault, but theirs listen to this exchange. And I'm sure you've seen the reporting this morning that now triple-A is projecting that gas prices will hit a national average average of $6 a gallon by the month of August, is this acceptable to you? No, it is not. And you can thank the activity of Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine and pulling a oh, nonsense. With all due respect, madam secretary, that's utter nonsense. In January of 2021, the average gas price in my state was $2 and 7 cents. 8 months later, 8 months later, long before Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, that price was up over 30%, and it has been going up consistently since. What are you doing to reverse this administration's policies that are drawing down our own supply of energy in this country that are throttling oil and gas production in the United States of America? What are you doing about it? Sir, it is not administration policies that have affected supply and demand. How can you say

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