Joe Biden; The Most Corrupt President in American History


Promo code prager. Thank you, Dennis, and it's always a privilege. It never gets old, and it's never unappreciated. Dennis is unique, and there's no one else I'd rather fill in for. Many years ago, actually this house started many years ago Dennis said to me, you know, those are pretty big shoes for you to fill in for. Me, meaning his size. What does that Sean a size 12 size 13? What is this where? I don't even know. But he didn't mean his shoes were so big, right, he meant just, well, maybe he did because he told me I thought 12 or 13, I may be totally wrong. We've got to find that out. But big shoes they are because no one in the media is quite like him, including offering the inside he does in so many issues. So I just try to give you my perspective on life and issues and maybe one of these days my own podcast. You know, with all the teaching and everything else I do, it's been hard to get it going, but we will at some point. In this first hour I talked about whether we need a new Declaration of Independence to take back our country from the left. In this hour I want to talk about the specific charges against the king, because I said, right, the founders revolted rebelled against the king of England. As they seek to control our lives and make us into their left wing utopia. That's what they're doing. But if this is important, if you understand their ultimate goal, they're specific policy disasters, make more sense. You think they failed because they don't work. But they think they succeeded because they've created chaos and disorder. Just as with the policies of the king of England, so many years ago. But of course, Joe Biden is no king. He doesn't have a set of principles and he never did. Actually has one set of principle. That's the grow his principle. If you don't mind the pun. He might be the most corrupt president we've ever had. In any case, he's actually more of a placeholder for the left than anything else. And Kamala Harris, my God. Is she over her head? She must have always want to power to make up for her insecurities, of which there must be many. That's my guess. I'm no psychologist. Sean, do you remember the Peter principal? He's looking at me funny. He's just doesn't look that way. Of course. A quizzical look. It was the Peter principal said that you're doing your job well and then they promote you to the higher job and that's where you fail because you were very good at what you did before, but you're not so good in a promoted role. In my other field as a teacher, you wouldn't believe how many bad a system principles and principles there are. They might have been very good teachers. That's kind of what the Peter principal was. But she was an awful senator if you remember that. And an awful attorney general before that. I think Dennis even debated her once. But yes, you know what she was? A good friend of former speaker of the California assembly, Willie Brown. Actually, I don't know if she was a good friend, Willie Brown. You'd have to ask Willie Brown, right? We don't even know if she was Sean, why are your eyes going like cross eyed? You're not saying anything. Neither am I. But we never checked lily Brown about that. It's hard to believe, though, that these are the highest office holders in our country. They're an embarrassment to our country. But again, they're clearly being controlled by the left. Whether it's Obama, that's my guess, is people or other leftists. Do you remember the event weeks ago where Obama came back? I guess for the first time to visit The White House. And he comes back and everybody's around him and he's up mister terrific. And Joe Biden wandered around looking for someone to say hello to hip, just to say, now that was pathetic to watch. I almost felt sorry for him as bad as he is as corrupt as he is. But of course you have to ask this question. Why does Biden's wife and I kind of hinted at it in the first hour, she must be so obsessed with power to have ever cared about protecting her husband's dignity. What about his dignity? You can say, well, if your mean, you say you'd never had any. But in fact, that defines all of them seeking power to make up for their shortcomings as people. That's what I guess. They seek power to define themselves, especially power over other people. That's my best guess. Let me know what you think. One 8 prager 7 7 6. And it includes people on our side, too. Like Mitt Romney, if I had a guess, if you remember his father didn't do well running for president, I forgot the incident that happened on not going to say he cried or something that would have been, that was Mike dukakis, I think, of Massachusetts, but there was something, and all of a sudden he failed miserably in his quest for the presidency. So my guess is Mitt Romney's avenging for his father's undignified loss of the presidency. But, you know, I've apologized. Many times for being a delegate for it. He fooled me too for a while. But Dennis said he met with him and he didn't care about principles. Yeah, that makes sense. And Liz Cheney. Oh my God. Trying to preserve, I guess her father's legacy, whatever that was. If anything, she's tarnished what, with many of her pronouncements, she's tarnished what people thought about her dad, Dick Cheney. I suspect that all these people have deep personal problems, and I never feel that they care what is best first for our country. That they care best first, what's best for them. But they are part of the leftist cabal, whether they know it or not. What did the Russians call them useful idiots? So back to the charges. We had charges against the king and I mentioned in the first hour that's what the Declaration of Independence was about. So what are our charges begin with against this would be president. The stealing of the presidency. They never accepted Trump's victory, and they were willing to stop at nothing to make sure he lost. Including, as you know, the Russian hoax, what, two years impeachments, and the banning from social media. And now they have lawsuits against him and other enemies. Anybody who had anything to do with them. These people have no moral guard rails, except to win at all costs. That's it. And I said in the first hour, they're likely 20 anomalies over 20 that had to happen for Trump to lose. But they did win and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are in office because of blatant fraud. As the movie 2000 mules demonstrates pretty well itself. So, mister king Biden, our first charge you never should have been declared king because you ascended to the throne illegally. How many of you, you can call me one of the prager 7 6 7 7 6? How many of you listeners like me still cringe when they call on President Biden? I still have trouble with that. It's like calling the person who stole your house, the homeowner. And to add insult to injury, the king had his Justice Department, as you know, throw innocent people into jail, summoned to solitary confinement, as I mentioned, because of January 6th, and they call it an insurrection. I love that. That was an insurrection. I don't think so. Riff raff and all kinds of people maybe, but insurrection, I don't think so. Of course, your edicts at the very beginning like ending our pipelines and drilling the ending of drilling for fossil fuels and discouraging just the scourge leases, just the other week I think it was. But it's part of your plan, see, that's what I said. You got to understand what they're up to. That's their plan to destroy capitalism and markets that we're working here. To this day, even in light of high gas prices, you continue this policy as part of the Green New Deal. And that's going to help destroy our country. So what do they do? They printed a lot of money to assuage the peasants doing my analogy with the king with your trillions of dollars in giveaways. It's a way to make them more dependent on your government. When you make people give them money then they start to depend on the government. It makes me think of a story when I first started teaching. I think it was a fourth grade kid. He's running around the school building wildly. It wasn't my student. And I finally caught up to him. I said, you know, what are you going to do with this? What are you going to do with your life? In fourth grade, he said to me, I'll go on welfare. His family must have been on welfare. He already knew that term. That was his dream, I guess, or that's what he had hoped. So that's what you do with the printing and money. And as you know, with inflation at a control, it won't be long before your Marie Antoinette, Kamala Harris, says let them eat cake. Sean, you do remember Marie Antoinette? In history, if nothing else, Dennis did not debate Marie Antoinette. You don't have to look that up. Debate between Dennis Murray. But of course, I'm confused in two different revolutions. But a revolution we have on the streets through your defunding of the police, you're just less department allowing the left to right and commit mayhem to scare, get this now, the masses into needing your protection. That's what's going on. And of course, we know that the DA's all across this country funded by George Soros of letting them out. I read a story the other day. They can't get police in many cities. Who would want to be a policeman these days? You lock sum it up. They're out in jail before you could even say boo. And just like Putin protesting his liberation of Nazis in the Ukraine, that was a justification. You come up with this phony white supremacy, as the number one problem in our country, and the reason for the crackdown of our civil liberties. I can see all these juxtapositions with what you're doing and with communism and dictatorship. A long, of course, with charges about America being a white supremacist country because you use race baiting at every chance because you have nothing else.

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