If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned, What Does It Mean Around America?


Roe V wade, it seems to me, will be overturned, if not today, tomorrow. One of these days, this decision is going to come out. So practically speaking, apart from everything we're discussing, what does that mean around America? For example, in a place like Texas, will it be impossible to get a legal abortion in the state of Texas? Well, one of the things that, to your point, if roe versus wade is overturned, it does go back to the states. And right now there are 27 states that have passed some kind of a trigger law, meaning that the law is triggered, it goes into effect at the overturning of roe versus wade. And in some of those states, there is a complete ban on abortion. And in some states, there's a ten week banner 20 week ban or whatever the state might have come up with. Now, in some situations, you have places like New York or California, Maryland, who are working to put trigger laws in effect that legalize it in an extraordinary fashion. It's one of the things that we know with just the polling of the American people is the vast majority of Americans oppose abortions in the third trimester. One of the arguments from pro abortion people is, well, this is a lump of cells or to feed us, and it's always, this is something that I know you have covered and appreciate too. It's always ironic to me that people refer to it as a fetus, as if they don't know what the definition of fetus is. Apparently, people don't know Latin and recognize that that actually means baby in another language. Nonetheless, with it being said, the argument is that it's a fetus. However, when you get into the third trimester, there's no confusion. What is growing in the womb of the mother with a separate DNA, this entirely different body, a functioning body on all kinds of levels. And yet what we are seeing is there are right now some extremists in the pro abortion camp, who are going so far as to not only argue that abortion should be legal in the third trimester, there are actually arguing abortion should be legal after birth, which

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