John Rich: Beating Cancel Culture & the Success of 'Progress'


So you've done it again another number one your new song progress telling the cancel culture progress air quotes folks to stick it where the sun don't shine is rocketing up Number one you have beat out all of these lizzo and all these other people you are sitting on top of the charts you beat cancel culture how does it feel buddy Man it feels incredible And I have to say it's not because I'm singing it that it's at number one Dan It's at number one because of the lyrics of that song and what the song is pointing out What it's pushing against I think Americans across this country right now hear that song and they go ding ding ding That's how I feel I think probably anybody could have sang it and gone to the top but the issue is the music industry won't allow songs like that to ever come out Those songs are being written in Nashville all the time But they're not allowed to come out because people are with record labels and big companies that won't allow it to come out Fortunately for me I've been very blessed in my career that I don't have to have a record label or a publisher or anything anymore I can actually just put pencil to paper write what I feel sing it and put it out And I'm happy to be in that position It's because of the fans and people like yourself that have supported me that allow me to get out and do it And man this song is causing quite a stir and yes I'm very happy about it

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