Former WH Physician Ronny Jackson Describes the Stress of the Big Job


Please give us your experience years and years in The White House serving multiple presidents as their physician. Let's stay on this issue for a second. You know, I'm not complaining, but I was in the west wing at 7 a.m., sometimes we were there till 8, 9 at night. It was a long job for just me, a deputy assistant. But for a president of any party, how stressful a job is this, from a medical point of view. It's incredibly stressful, both physically and mentally. And you have to be able to multitask like nobody's business. I mean, you know this. He'll drop down the elevator in the morning or be walking back from the oval in the evenings and the entire day that he's over in the oval in the west wing. He's got multiple people coming at him with different issues, you know, domestic issues. You know, foreign affairs issues just, you know, you have to be able to manage all that stuff. You have to be able to take that in and make decisions. And it's very, very stressful. And it's very, very fatiguing, and you're right. He had more energy than I had. We'd go on overseas trips sometimes and would fly for 13 hours on Air Force One, end up in Southeast Asia. We'd leave Andrews Air Force Base here in D.C. at 9 o'clock in the morning. We'd get there and it'd be 9 o'clock in the morning again and we'd have a 14 hour day ahead of us and we had to get off the plane and work the Secret Service detail the medical folks, the military aid and the president and we'd do this all day and it was the most fatiguing thing you can imagine. And at the end of the day, the one person that had the most energy was Donald Trump and if somebody wanted to talk to him and there were people in the lobby waiting they wanted to say hi to him, everybody else was thinking about nothing but getting in the bed. He would have the energy to go downstairs and just and talk to people like he had just woke up. So the man's got incredible energy, incredible endurance, and it's a complete opposite of what we have in The White House right now.

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