How Did Such Garbage Law Come Out of the Supreme Court?


Did such garbage law come out of the supreme? Because no one had a philosophy. That's why I'm saying Nino Scalia. But when they had to have, they had to know the law that this is a bench and not a legislature. Basically what feels good. Maybe you find it hard to tell they did it. It was the culmination of a type of thinking on the Supreme Court that started under Earl Warren and it never stopped, and it was that type of thinking. That the court could do anything. Anything was that it could create out of whole cloth things. And blackman just when you go back and you read roe V wade, you are astonished at how awful it is as jurisprudence. How monumentally bad it was, emanations, penumbras, to find rights in the Fourteenth Amendment. You had to have a kind of arrogance to write that opinion and believe that it was the right thing to do. And really importantly, when Casey came down about 20 years later and reaffirmed roe V wade, it rather ignored roe V wade ignored Rosie. So bad. Viability. Well, in science. Science was catching up with roe V wade because of sonograms and all that sort of stuff. Well, let's see now. Let's see, this trimester thing, let's go with undue burden on the mother.

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