Liz Cheney Dares to Quote Ronald Reagan Following Award


Cheney You know dizzy Lizzy Cheney only gets the attention she gets now because she is trying to destroy Trump and all the Trump supporters If dizzy Lizzy had actually lived up to her positions when she ran for the House in the first place as she'd be getting no attention or only very negative attention Do you know that dizzy Lizzy Cheney Got the profiles and courage award from the John F. Kennedy library mister producer Is that interesting No more Halliburton Thank God No more Chinese war criminals No The JFK profile encourage award yesterday And she dares to quote president Reagan And George Washington when this award has become an award for radical leftists and radical leftists only And she's very proud And her new friend Nancy Eva Pelosi stretch is very proud of her And wait until they have their public hearings and waiting to all I'm telling you

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