Axios: Republicans Plot Foreign Intervention Pullback


Because there's a piece now and another left wing site Well actually same left wing site axios while vox and axios are different but same in terms of ideology And the headline is from ten hours ago Republicans plot foreign intervention pullback by Loughlin marche Republican lawmakers following former president Trump's leader working with a wide range of conservative groups to pull back American support for Ukraine the Middle East and Europe officials to the Middle East means probably Israel and moderate Arab countries that are taking on Iran why it matters they write with the GOP poised to retake control of the House and perhaps the Senate next year this contingent could grow substantially Trump is back in candidates excuse me who explicitly broken with Republican foreign policy orthodoxy 11 Senate GOP no votes on a $40 billion Ukraine aid package last week was the clearest sign of the new coalition's influence is expanding Well look about 10 billion of that 40 billion should never have been in there

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