Compilation of Ronald Reagan's Successful Speeches on Foreign Policy


I just want you to hear a relatively short compilation Of some of the things Reagan said during his presidency an enormously successful presidency Where he got enormous popular votes won the Electoral College numbers never seen before since probably George Washington And had a fantastically successful foreign policy Take a listen This is from again a group of his speeches just clips from the speeches Some of his best speeches against tyranny Cut 24 go And to every person trapped in tyranny whether in the Ukraine Hungary Czechoslovakia Cuba Vietnam We send our love and support and tell them they are not alone Their message must be your struggle is our struggle your dream is our dream and someday you too will be free Hey miss poop John Paul told his beloved polls We are blessed by divine heritage We are children of God and we can not be slaves History shows that it is precisely when totalitarian regimes begin to decay from within It is precisely when they feel the first real stirrings of domestic unrest That they seek to reassure their own people of their vast and unchallengeable power through imperialistic expansion or foreign adventure So the era ahead of us is one that will see grave challenges and be fought with danger Yet it's one that I firmly believe will end in the triumph of the civilized world and the supremacy of its beliefs in individual liberty of representative government and the rule of law under

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