John Zmirak's 18-Year-Old Paranoia Was Completely Justified


You were just telling us something about what happened in 1982. In 1982, an age 17 maybe 18 as a freshman at Yale, I was telling my Friends that the gay lobby was far more dangerous to western civilization than Soviet comics. This is 17 years before Tommy collapsed, but I think as we look around and children being chemically castrated, 12 year old girls having their healthy breasts removed to radical mastectomies, young people being groomed and recruited for sexual perversion by Disney by kindergarten teachers by second grade teachers by school boards. I'm afraid my 18 year old paranoia was all too justified that I would take Soviet communism in a heartbeat over what the LGBTQ my name is legion movement has in mind. Well, I think John, you're just gifted in the sense that you kind of see things as they are and you connect the dots and most people somehow, you know, a fly or a gnat distracts them before they can connect all the dots. And you really have been able always to do that. And

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