Kash Patel: Durham May Build a Conspiracy Case Against Andrew McCabe


But then I thought to myself and Jim said it during the break We always chatting Chips like you know really pisses me off He's like Andrew weissman Who Now Mueller was out of it You heard him testify publicly I'm not absolving him of wrongdoing Mueller folks Let me be clear But he was so clearly out of it in the hearing you wonder how much he really knew about wiseman was his bulldog And weissman was briefed cash in August of 2016 about the dossier and then gets the bulldog position under Mueller to go after Trump for what weissman now categorically knows was a hoax This is third world Cuba style stuff No Jim's right This guy ran the special counsel's investigation not based on facts and law but based on pure politics And he admitted it and he got hired to do that job anyway This is the same guy that texted the Deputy Attorney General The attorney general Sally Yates the day after she got fired rightly so by Trump and he texted her and he said basically we love you Thanks for being a political monster What kind of computers did me as a former federal prosecutor How can you be okay with that But that Andy I'll check one to Jim on that Andy and I go to the biggest culprit is Miami Andy mccabe That guy orchestrated this entire Russia gate hoax as a deputy director of the FBI and a reminder everybody He got fired for lying to federal investigators about leaking information to the media about the Clinton email server investigation That's the guy that was running the insurance plan with the lovebirds in his office In August of 2016 and that's the guy that signed off in the most salacious Pfizer warrant and lied to a federal court That guy I have always said this all roads lead to Andy mccabe and I think John dermot building the criminal conspiracy case that's going to knock him out

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