Is Brittney Griner a 'Freedom Fighter'? It's Hard to Care...


Well, somebody who's very uncool, but the left is trying to make cool Britney griner. They keep calling they keep calling our W, what's it the WNBA, the women or the WBA, maybe is what it is. I think the basketball player now. Right, right. That's WNBA. They keep calling our WNBA star. Oh, even though no one's really heard of her. But nevertheless, here on Time Magazine on the cover, Britney griner and the fight for freedom. Now what's the fight for freedom? She's been arrested in Russia for illegal drugs. And you know, I know when it comes to my own case, people love to go, will you pleaded guilty, didn't you? So, you know, what are you complaining about? You obviously deserve whatever penalty they gave you. Even if they locked you up for ten years because you pleaded guilty, well, Britney griner got 9 years or 9 and a half years. Well, you know what? She pleaded guilty. Uh oh. So. What's there to feel bad about? Yeah. Well, she probably gets treated better in prison than the January 6th defendants do. Well, you're making a profound point here, which is this. You know, this had happened 20 years ago, my reaction would have gone something like this. I would have said, you know, Britney griner needs to learn how great it is to live in America. When you're on some other country like Russia, you're not gonna get due process, you know, so, you know, here's a woman who's been taking a knee and sort of I don't know all these critiques of the founders and of America. Well, you know what? America's not so bad after all. That would have been my reaction, but this was actually not my reaction. With this case, my reaction was, frankly, they're trying to get me to be outraged and trying to get me to care. I don't care, you know? My reaction to this is basically snore. You know, why? Because this is happening and far worse in our own country.

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