Noel Casler Explains How Trump Corrupts Everyone in His Orbit


People famously know that you worked on the apprentice with Donald Trump and, you know, started talking quite openly about a lot of things about him a long time ago, but you said what you're seeing from Trump's vast tentacles of corruption. Toadies on loan from Doug ducey acting sicko fans, you just said it should be very illuminating for those who wonder how Trump got away with so many crimes in his New York City days because people from New York are like, he's always been a crook. We've known that from day one, right? And you look right up through what's happening right now. You're like, oh, of course, he has somehow loyalists and people that are destroying evidence and God knows what, right? Absolutely. He's always had a skill, a 6th sense to attract men and some women around him that he could corrupt. You know, he can look into a crowd and see the kind of guys that are going to do his bidding. The dogs that hunt, so to speak. And that's what his security team was. You know, keep schiller was an NYPD sergeant rammer, who would knock down doors of drug dense in The Bronx, you know? He was the guy who knocked the door down. He went up to Trump in court and said, you need to hire me, right? And Trump hired him. And then when you're walking around with a detail of X NYPD cops, you get away with stuff in New York City, right? Because it's an impenetrable sort of wall of authority. And Trump knows that. And you know, we could probably get into it, but the Secret Service stuff seems very, I worked with a Secret Service ton tons. I did inaugurations. I did the tree lighting at The White House, all kinds of stuff, where the president was at. The Secret Service under Trump was a different Secret Service. You know, and I went to high school with Bobby engel, the guy he tried to choke in the back of the SUV, and he was like a marine kind of jarhead cop type. And that's the type that Trump will suck in. And it's almost like before they know it, they're doing his bidding. Do you know what I mean? Who is the guy? They all set out with the intention of being corrupted, but being in Trump's orbit will corrupt you by osmosis.

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