Georgia's Voter ID Laws Are a Decade Old... And Voting Is Surging


Decade ago, George implemented, we implemented vote Rodney. And it was a big turmoil about, oh, you can't have voter ID, you know, the elderly will be affected. The African American population would be afraid of the Hispanic of the Asian population. No, oh, you can't do this. What about people who don't have IDs? And you know, at the time, I was wondering, how do these people cast checks? How do these people get money? How do they, you know, do other things. Again, somewhere they've got an idea or that they can find a way to prove who they are. That was over a decade in Africa. Let me just tell you what has happened since then. What has happened since then is this. Is that for all of those people who said this was going to be a problem in suppressing votes. Now, we just discussed that we're at our highest early vote turnout that we ever had, but I'm going to tell you an even deeper statistic that you need to hear. And that is, if those very same people who said that we should not do voter ID because it's offensive or it's suppressed, but it's whatever. Here's the facts. Since 2014. African American male African American female Hispanic male Hispanic female have all risen double digits in participation. Double digits and participation. Since the voter ID laws became official in Jordan. Now, I'm not sure why what the argument from the left was. I know what it is now, and I haven't confronted everyone's about this in a congressional hearing. And she had to acknowledge that this was true. So the problem we have here is you have a media who wants to take a narrative. They have a mindset of Republicans are bad Republicans don't want people to vote Republicans don't like people that don't look like them or act like them, which is totally false. I'm sitting here as a conservative Republican will tell you, I want everybody to vote. And it's

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