Chuck Schumer Pens Letter to Fox News Executives


To Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of Fox corporation. Lachlan Murdoch executive chairman and CEO of the Fox corporation. Suzanne Scott, CEO of Fox News media, and Jay Wallace, the president and executive editor of Fox News media. Those executives at Fox received a letter. From one of the most powerful U.S. senators in the country today. New York's Chuck Schumer. He writes dear mister Rupert Murdoch at all. I write to urge you to immediately cease the reckless amplification of the so called great replacement theory on your network's broadcasts. Proponents of this white nationalist far right conspiracy theory believe that a complicit or cooperative class of elites are advancing a plot designed to undermine the political power and culture of white Americans. A recent AP poll found that nearly a third of American adults believe that a group of people is trying to replace native born Americans with immigrants for electoral gains. I urge you to take into consideration the very real impacts of the dangerous rhetoric being broadcast on your network on a nightly

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