Stephen Miller: Candidates Winning Have an 'America First' Agenda


The America first agenda is often conflated or sort of jumbled into what a conservative message is. Listen to what Stephen Miller, the former top Trump aide, said to Laura last night about all the candidates across the country who are winning after being endorsed by Donald Trump and embracing his populist America first agenda. The smallest share of the American electorate is the Jeb Bush electorate. People that want corporate Chamber of Commerce republicanism are the tiniest sliver of American voters. Candidates are running across the country tonight and winning on the populist Trump America first platform. Strong borders, safe communities, no woke politics, no indoctrination in our schools, men are men, women are women, law enforcement is wonderful, and we want low inflation and a strong dollar. These issues are going to carry us to victory in November if we unite as you say and I will also add to this, there are no more Democrat populace. They are all phonies. Every single one of them backs big tech corruption every single one of them backs big business open borders every single one of them backs big business woke corporatism, populism is dead in the Democrat party. If you want a populist candidate, Republicans are the only game in town. Isn't he right? Or do you disagree with Stephen Miller? Isn't he right? There's no populism on the side of Democrats. And remember, establishment Republicans view populism as a bad thing.

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