Republican Leadership Never Took Madison Cawthorn Under Their Wing


This young man Cawthorn who lost by really An eyelash And the Republican primary in the far west corner of North Carolina He may have had his faults It was a young man But the Republican leadership never took him under his wing You had former Republicans who were host on TV who were mouthpieces for their rhino brothers and sisters and just trashed the hell out of the guy Yet the drudge report trashing the hell out of the guy You had the Republican establishment in North Carolina trash in the hell out of the guy You had tell us the Republican senator who's a Mitch McConnell want to be trashed the hell out of the guy And just to show you what kind of a guy Donald Trump is he endorsed him in the final week or so of the campaign Even realizing it was going to be a tough race given all that had come He still endorsed him At a principle He's still endorsed him And he just conceded Unfortunately he lost So rather than take this young man who was in a terrible car accident so he lost the use of his legs from the hip down wheel wheelchair bound Rather than take him under the wing teach him the ropes and so forth and so on They went gunning for him Because that's what these bastards do

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