Danny Danon: Why a Strong Israel Matters to the U.S.


Tell everybody why does it matter Why does Israel matter to the United States Why is a strong Israel matter to the United States Mark we live in the front lines So at the beginning we deal with the problem but at the end of the day the problems will achieve the U.S. take for example the issue of I want everybody know that today they know administration wants to sign a bill with a one again after what they did in 2015 So one might think well it's too far away It's not a problem for me It's a problem for Israel for the allied of the USA in the region But as a mistake it's a problem It's a problem for the American people as well because it guides for the one who will become nuclear Who knows where they will export the ideas the radical revolutionary ideas you can come to the shoulder of the U.S. as well So maybe for the short one people don't understand the importance of the connection but for the long run it's part of the U.S. but we happen to be in the front lines attending for the same values fighting the same enemies

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