Cop Charged With Felony Battery for Grabbing Female Officer by Throat


Another thing I want to touch on is this police getting charged. I spoke about it before, but I just made a video on my YouTube about it. The police officer out there in Florida who was on video yelling at a subject in the back of a patrol car, then a female officer grabbed him by the belt, pulled him, and then he turned around and pushed her, his hand, grazed her neck, and all the reports were saying he choked her, I just, I'm having a problem finding that that makes sense to charge the sergeant with pushing an officer after the officer pulled him and almost made him fall over because of she perceived that he went too far. When there is no law against what the sergeant did, he didn't touch the guy, all he had was harsh words. That's not against the law to have harsh words for somebody. It's not a violated violation of somebody, somebody's constitutional rights, if they're under arrest and a person has harsh words for them. And say, if you hurt any one of my officers, I'm going to take your soul. It's pretty much what he said. That's not against the law to say that. Somebody may believe that it's improper. But as a officer with three years on a police department, you go and grab your sergeant and pull him in, almost make him fall on the ground. To me, you are out of bounds. If the man, if the officer was assaulting this guy, then I have a different tune. But nobody touched his officership, you, you ran from third base to the home plate just to pull his officer pull his sergeant out of the back of that patrol car. But when the sergeant wasn't there, you wouldn't even touch the suspect to get him in the car. But you're willing to grab the police, your police sergeant but you won't touch the suspect.

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