Russia promises to ramp up missile attacks


Russia's Russia's Russia's Russia's defense defense defense defense ministry ministry ministry ministry says says says says forces forces forces forces will will will will ramp ramp ramp ramp up up up up the the the the scale scale scale scale of of of of missile missile missile missile attacks attacks attacks attacks on on on on Keef Keef Keef Keef in in in in response response response response to to to to Ukraine's Ukraine's Ukraine's Ukraine's diversions diversions diversions diversions on on on on Russian Russian Russian Russian territory territory territory territory according according according according to to to to Russian Russian Russian Russian officials officials officials officials some some some some one one one one hundred hundred hundred hundred residential residential residential residential buildings buildings buildings buildings were were were were damaged damaged damaged damaged in in in in an an an an attack attack attack attack on on on on the the the the first first first first day day day day on on on on the the the the Russian Russian Russian Russian village village village village in in in in one one one one of of of of the the the the country's country's country's country's regions regions regions regions on on on on the the the the border border border border with with with with Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine officials officials officials officials say say say say seven seven seven seven people people people people have have have have sustained sustained sustained sustained injuries injuries injuries injuries that that that that the the the the ministry ministry ministry ministry adds adds adds adds Russian Russian Russian Russian forces forces forces forces in in in in Ukraine's Ukraine's Ukraine's Ukraine's Cheney Cheney Cheney Cheney he he he he virgin virgin virgin virgin shot shot shot shot down down down down the the the the Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian MI MI MI MI eight eight eight eight helicopter helicopter helicopter helicopter that that that that was was was was allegedly allegedly allegedly allegedly involved involved involved involved in in in in the the the the border border border border attack attack attack attack Russian Russian Russian Russian authorities authorities authorities authorities in in in in another another another another border border border border region region region region also also also also reported reported reported reported Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian shelling shelling shelling shelling on on on on Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday I'm I'm I'm I'm Charles Charles Charles Charles de de de de Ledesma Ledesma Ledesma Ledesma

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