Mike Gallagher's Memorial Day Plans


Of us are headed into Memorial Day weekend with a heavy heart. I'm going to be with friends and family. It's birthday weekend for my twins. And we're going to have a little New York celebration. A little dinner over at Tony's denapoli. I got to get all the PhD approved. I know what I'm going to have to some Caesar salad, and I was a little chicken parm, can have a vegetable dish with some penny Ali vodka sauce. No pasta, but that's all right. I just saw Joe Piscopo down the hall. He said, holy cow, you are a shell of your former self losing over 50 pounds so far on PhD and I'm loving it. But of course, my heart is heavy. I'm glad I'm going to spend time with my kids. My granddaughter this weekend. I'm glad I'm going to be with my dear Friends peg and Joey Hudson on beautiful, beautiful Lake QE over Memorial Day.

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