The American Marxist's Economic Plan


The American Marxist when it comes to the economy are socialists I have disputed those who call this overall socialism because it's Marxism but their economic plan is different than their cultural plan and so forth and so on You can't call a cultural plan Socialism It's Marxism And he gave birth to socialism from an economic perspective Now that said you'll see what's happening You're living it Prior to Joe Biden being ensconced in the Oval Office You had these various sectors of the economy the industrial economy that were fairly effective and efficient They were working The production of oil and gasoline we were energy independent the production of electricity very rare brownouts and blackouts You saw steel mills working Iron mills working The securing of the border all these things going on in the nation Now here's the thing What these marxists with their socialist economic policies do is they drain these systems that were built by capitalists prior to these socialists having power or widespread power So they drain the oil reserves the strategic oil reserves They didn't produce it they drain it

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