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AP AP AP AP sports sports sports sports I'm I'm I'm I'm Tom Tom Tom Tom area area area area fifty fifty fifty fifty nine nine nine nine the the the the NBA NBA NBA NBA with with with with thirteen thirteen thirteen thirteen games games games games the the the the most most most most intriguing intriguing intriguing intriguing matchup matchup matchup matchup featured featured featured featured the the the the Grizzlies Grizzlies Grizzlies Grizzlies winners winners winners winners of of of of twelve twelve twelve twelve of of of of thirteen thirteen thirteen thirteen against against against against the the the the defending defending defending defending champion champion champion champion bucs bucs bucs bucs here's here's here's here's AP's AP's AP's AP's Danny Danny Danny Danny cap cap cap cap the the the the Buck Buck Buck Buck stop stop stop stop a a a a two two two two game game game game skid skid skid skid taming taming taming taming the the the the Red Red Red Red Hot Hot Hot Hot Grizzlies Grizzlies Grizzlies Grizzlies one one one one twenty twenty twenty twenty six six six six one one one one fourteen fourteen fourteen fourteen Jana Jana Jana Jana son son son son in in in in a a a a combat combat combat combat scored scored scored scored fifteen fifteen fifteen fifteen of of of of his his his his team team team team high high high high thirty thirty thirty thirty three three three three in in in in the the the the first first first first quarter quarter quarter quarter is is is is the the the the books books books books are are are are up up up up that that that that other other other other twenty twenty twenty twenty nine nine nine nine eight eight eight eight run run run run to to to to build build build build a a a a seventeen seventeen seventeen seventeen point point point point lead lead lead lead midway midway midway midway through through through through the the the the second second second second quarter quarter quarter quarter true true true true holiday holiday holiday holiday returned returned returned returned after after after after missing missing missing missing six six six six games games games games with with with with an an an an ankle ankle ankle ankle injury injury injury injury he he he he chipped chipped chipped chipped in in in in nine nine nine nine points points points points off off off off the the the the bench bench bench bench to to to to help help help help Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee win win win win for for for for just just just just the the the the third third third third time time time time in in in in its its its its last last last last nine nine nine nine games games games games Jo Jo Jo Jo Ellan Ellan Ellan Ellan be be be be scored scored scored scored fifty fifty fifty fifty points points points points along along along along with with with with twelve twelve twelve twelve rebounds rebounds rebounds rebounds in in in in just just just just twenty twenty twenty twenty seven seven seven seven minutes minutes minutes minutes to to to to propel propel propel propel the the the the seventy seventy seventy seventy Sixers Sixers Sixers Sixers past past past past the the the the magic magic magic magic one one one one twenty twenty twenty twenty three three three three one one one one ten ten ten ten that's that's that's that's the the the the fewest fewest fewest fewest minutes minutes minutes minutes played played played played in in in in the the the the fifty fifty fifty fifty point point point point ten ten ten ten rebound rebound rebound rebound game game game game in in in in the the the the shot shot shot shot clock clock clock clock era era era era the the the the slumping slumping slumping slumping bulls bulls bulls bulls that that that that the the the the Cavaliers Cavaliers Cavaliers Cavaliers five five five five game game game game winning winning winning winning streak streak streak streak one one one one seventy seventy seventy seventy one one one one of of of of four four four four behind behind behind behind to to to to Marcia Marcia Marcia Marcia Rosen Rosen Rosen Rosen thirty thirty thirty thirty points points points points last last last last couple couple couple couple games games games games given given given given up up up up at at at at some some some some point point point point in in in in Boston Boston Boston Boston you you you you know know know know you you you you know know know know we we we we know know know know come come come come back back back back on on on on our our our our home home home home floor floor floor floor we we we we had had had had to to to to make make make make up up up up for for for for that that that that survive survive survive survive the the the the wizards wizards wizards wizards one one one one nineteen nineteen nineteen nineteen one one one one eighteen eighteen eighteen eighteen is is is is carry carry carry carry over over over over to to to to score score score score thirty thirty thirty thirty other other other other winners winners winners winners include include include include the the the the Hornets Hornets Hornets Hornets heat heat heat heat hawks hawks hawks hawks and and and and nuggets nuggets nuggets nuggets college college college college basketball basketball basketball basketball number number number number two two two two Auburn Auburn Auburn Auburn is is is is now now now now seventeen seventeen seventeen seventeen and and and and one one one one after after after after easily easily easily easily beating beating beating beating George George George George eighty eighty eighty eighty three three three three sixty sixty sixty sixty however however however however eleventh eleventh eleventh eleventh ranked ranked ranked ranked Villanova Villanova Villanova Villanova fell fell fell fell to to to to Marquette Marquette Marquette Marquette fifty fifty fifty fifty seven seven seven seven fifty fifty fifty fifty four four four four hockey hockey hockey hockey three three three three games games games games highlighted highlighted highlighted highlighted by by by by an an an an original original original original six six six six matchup matchup matchup matchup between between between between two two two two of of of of the the the the top top top top teams teams teams teams in in in in the the the the league league league league the the the the Rangers Rangers Rangers Rangers and and and and maple maple maple maple Leafs Leafs Leafs Leafs AP's AP's AP's AP's Dave Dave Dave Dave Barry Barry Barry Barry the the the the Rangers Rangers Rangers Rangers won won won won for for for for the the the the seventh seventh seventh seventh time time time time in in in in nine nine nine nine games games games games by by by by erasing erasing erasing erasing a a a a pair pair pair pair of of of of two two two two goal goal goal goal deficits deficits deficits deficits in in in in a a a a six six six six three three three three victory victory victory victory against against against against Ronald Ronald Ronald Ronald Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Strome Strome Strome Strome scored scored scored scored the the the the tiebreaking tiebreaking tiebreaking tiebreaking goal goal goal goal midway midway midway midway through through through through the the the the third third third third period period period period I I I I thought thought thought thought we we we we played played played played a a a a good good good good forty forty forty forty minutes minutes minutes minutes we we we we beat beat beat beat a a a a good good good good hockey hockey hockey hockey team team team team we we we we feel feel feel feel good good good good about about about about it it it it and and and and move move move move on on on on to to to to another another another another great great great great team team team team on on on on Friday Friday Friday Friday Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Reaves Reaves Reaves Reaves scored scored scored scored twice twice twice twice and and and and Adam Adam Adam Adam fox fox fox fox had had had had two two two two goals goals goals goals and and and and an an an an assist assist assist assist helping helping helping helping the the the the Rangers Rangers Rangers Rangers reclaimed reclaimed reclaimed reclaimed the the the the metropolitan metropolitan metropolitan metropolitan division division division division lead lead lead lead by by by by two two two two points points points points over over over over Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina also also also also in in in in the the the the NHL NHL NHL NHL Colorado Colorado Colorado Colorado to to to to Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim nothing nothing nothing nothing in in in in Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona for for for for New New New New Jersey Jersey Jersey Jersey one one one one I'm I'm I'm I'm Tom Tom Tom Tom Mariam Mariam Mariam Mariam AP AP AP AP sports sports sports sports

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