AG Merrick Garland Is Spineless


Now, you could disagree with the federal statute, but there is a federal statute that prohibits the protests that we're seeing outside the house of the Supreme Court Justices. And you know something? Merrick Garland is spineless. Merrick Garland, I have to say, must want to encourage this unlawful behavior. How many people did you hear on the left, condemning buildings being burned to the ground? Because George Floyd died. How many people on MSNBC or CNN are from the Biden administration? Did you hear routinely condemn acts of violence? The police who were assaulted, people who were killed, remember the retired cop in St. Louis, shot dead trying to protect his buddy's business from being burned to the ground. This shot dead right in the street. Who got who's held accountable for that? They ever catch that person? That person ever been prosecuted? Now, I guarantee every last one of them of January 6th to be in prosecuted. How about the person who murdered Dorne in St. Louis? This is we are in a dangerous time. The Democrats are dangerous. And when they're trying to blame us for the buffalo supermarket, all they're trying to do is project what they themselves are guilty of. They're just deflecting their own guilt. They are openly at tell me where I'm wrong.

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