Michele Bachmann Discusses the Plot to Undermine American Sovereignty


The person that has really pulled the fire alarm, the person that has been able to warn us about what's happening at the World Health Organization. Is Michelle bachmann. There's a clip with Michelle bachmann, and the great Steve Bannon, going back and forth about this that has been sent to me probably by 30 people in the last 24 hours. And one of the most effective interviews that I've seen in quite some time warning, the American population of what's happening very soon in Geneva Switzerland. Is what Michelle bachmann said on that program with us right now is Michelle herself. To be able to walk us through what we're just getting into. And the World Health Organization meeting, Michelle, welcome to the program. First of all, thank you for really signaling the alarm here. How do you learn about it and get into the details? What are we about to do? We being America in Geneva, Switzerland, if we don't stop it. Hi, Charlie. I just want to bring greetings to you for regent university too. We adore you. We love everything you're doing and you may not know this, but I'm the adviser for turning point for turning point USA on the university campus. So I'm a big fan of YouTube. So thanks for having me on. But the issue that we're talking about one is one that just came up recently. No one should feel bad if they don't know about it. This issue was meant by design to run under the radar. The Biden administration has amendments that they took to the United Nations to the world health assembly. The healthcare arm of the United Nations is the World Health Organization. But the World Health Organization's governing body is the world health assembly. They meet once a year in Geneva Switzerland. They're going to meet beginning starting this Sunday, May 22nd to the 28th, and they take up their business. Agenda item 16.2 this year are the proposed Biden amendments to the 2005 international health rules. Those are the rules that we in the United States agreed to beginning for international health beginning back in 2005. This is not a treaty. There is a proposed global pandemic treaty that's being worked on right now that will be voted on in 2024. That's not what this

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