Pelosi Trip to Taiwan Tests China’s Appetite for Confrontation


By far the most powerful country in the world in military terms. Without any doubt. But with a home court advantage off China's coast, China has put massive resources into anti fit missiles interceptors and submarines precisely in order to be able to kill an American fleet in proximity to their coast. Their land army is terrible, peel of people's liberation armies, maybe the worst land army in the world. But their missile corps is excellent. And the studies from the air force and the Rand corporation and the office of net assessment, which I used to do some work for a Pentagon. Say that those missiles are extremely good. Now, you can argue about whether you contract moving the ship 800 miles off the coast if it's maneuvering. Can you really hit it well? The Ukrainians managed to sink the Russian flagship, the Moscow, hundred kilometers off their coast and at the Ukrainians can do it the Chinese who, after all, did put a space landing craft on The Dark Side of the Moon, probably could be able to do it. So the risk of a kinetic engagement against Chinese missiles and the possible loss of a carrier with 8000 American sailors and all of our prestige, as you say, is not a risk that we want to take. The

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