Mark Walters: Dems Are Publicly Printing the Names of Gun Owners


Me just talk to you real quick about this. This broke overnight or at least last night, California gun owners, data breach after state unveils a firearms portal knowing you. I know you know about this story. So talk to us about that a little bit before we get into some of the other topics. Yeah, it was actually the armed American news page that we own that broke that story. They did great work. But here we have, this takes me back, Carl, several years to the Cleveland plain dealer. Many years ago, that began publishing because of their hatred of firearms rights in Ohio and Ohio was passing its concealed carry weapons law. They began printing the names in the newspaper of every Ohio citizen that had a permit so that their friends and neighbors can see who had guns near them. And now we see this happening. So this is not unusual that the Democrats will do this because they so hate the right to keep and bear arms. Is it a leak? A little bit leak is the right word to use. This was intentional. No question about it. So yeah, leak may very well be the right word to use. But when the account when the California attorney general puts this out publicly to shame gun owners because of the state loss because of the New York brewing case, we see the level of hatred that the Democrats push when it comes to our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. They simply don't like it. It doesn't fit their agenda of civilian disarmament and God forbid civilians have the right to keep and bear arms. We're now going to let everybody know who has a concealed weapons license, which leaves these people, Carl, open for identity theft, open for theft, open for burglaries at their home. Robberies, et cetera. So it's a mess, but we expect this kind of activity from the Democrats. They hate us.

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