Todd Starnes' Field Trip to the Reagan Ranch


Gosh. So we get to this beautiful place and when you think about Ronald Reagan and you think about Nancy Reagan, they brought the glamour the glitz back to The White House. Hollywood. It was Hollywood. And they brought, you know, Ronald Reagan campaigned on this idea of wanting to make America great again. That was the actual slogan of his presidential campaign. Isn't that funny? Make America great again. So I get up there and I was thinking my mind, this is going to be like the ponderosa from bonanza, grace, I know you don't know what I'm talking about. Sorry. It goes right over there. But folks Google it. And teach your children, grace, we're working on that. We're educating you. You're getting an education. You're going to get masters class in good TV on this program. Yes. And I was thinking this palatial ranch and with I don't know, I wouldn't say servants, but ranch hands and maids and butlers and all that kind of stuff. So we get up there. And there was this sort of, I wouldn't say decrepit house, but it was really old. It was painted. It looked nice, but it wasn't anything glamorous. And you walk in and there's old furniture. It sparsely, you know, there's not a lot of furniture. There's a bed where this is where Reagan lived when he was back in California. There was a bed and your Reagan was the bed was small, and so they had to put like a nightstand at the end of the bed so Reagan's feet wouldn't dangle off the bed. My pillow didn't even exist. There was no my pillow there. And it was a very simple, it was a very straightforward ranch. There was folks, there was really not much to it. There was no glitz, no glamour. Very humble. Very humble abode. Very nice, clean. I mean, it was very, very pretty. I mean, the setting. And I was really struck by that.

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