Jim Hanson and Amanda Milius Discuss the J6 Show Trial


Hey folks, it's Jim Hansen. I have sitting here in studio. Oblivious to the fact that we just went live because I was talking to my good friend amazing filmmaker and one of the most culturally elite members of the America first crowd, Amanda milius. Welcome. Thank you. I'm so glad to be on in the new spot. Isn't this cool? This is like a crazy show. It is the coolest thing. I know. No, I almost am like not worthy. I would like like I said, I almost wore sweats. I know. You got to do that. On the bottom. You have to have the top here. Yeah, I'm used to just being able to pull it together on the top, and then everything else is like yoga pants, and I'm like, maybe I'll get dressed today. Yeah. Yeah, well, we did it. And we're on the late night TV talk thing. Now, I want to talk kind of production value. Because I don't know if you notice, there is a giant show trial propaganda fest for the invented insurrection going on. That was pretty, I mean, yesterday was, there are some really good memes created out of yesterday. Like if a day creates good memes. It's a good day. So yeah, it's us. It's our team winning. Yeah, there was this one where like, I think they had like shots from one of those White House down or something movies or and then they had, I mean, it was so with the beast. The grass, like, that's basically what she was describing. I mean, it was absolutely insane. And good on them. But I want to kind of get into your area of expertise because the left decided when they were going to have these show trials that they were going to hire a TV news executive to stage them. Tell us super cool. It tells you a lot. And then you've got legs zelensky going on like every meeting with every celebrity he possibly can. You're like, man, this guy's got a lot of time on his hands 'cause I'm just trying to run a production company, like not run a war. I don't even have time to do that. That's amazing.

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