Why the Left Sees Clarence Thomas as a Threat


So there's a few subjects that I want to talk about. You know, I was going to start out with O. J. Simpson, but I think that's too hot for the audience now. We'll get to OJ, but I want to hear from you, Larry. About your always nice to hear what kind of comments O. J. Simpson has. What if Jonathan Smollett think? Exactly. Probably the two least people with credibility on Planet Earth. But I wanted to talk to someone a little more serious because I wanted to bring you on a talk about what's happening to clarence Thomas, because I think the all out racist attack on clarence Thomas is despicable. And I wanted to hear your thoughts Larry on what they're doing to such an honorable intelligent, great, respected man, now that roe V wade has been overturned. Well, it isn't just roe V wade, although that's the latest reason that they're jumping up and down about clarence Thomas. But they've always hated clarence Thomas. He refused the narrative. So do you so do I? These are proud black men who do not believe that America is systemically racist. I do not believe it's a major problem facing America anymore and refutes the whole left wing narrative. The whole left wing narrative is that America is full of racism. We need to have things like critical race theory and all sorts of special handouts and privileges for black people because they won't be able to navigate through America because America has so many white races in it. So somebody like Claire and Thomas is a direct threat. And so after this case comes down, by the way, he's not even the one that wrote the majority of the decision. It was a who wrote it. But he's the one getting all the flag.

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