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Reading happy can be hard, so here are three tips. 30 years after my first book being happy was published. I still get emails from readers saying that book really helps. So what are some tips that readers found useful? Number one be kind to yourself. Most of us grew up believing that we weren't good enough that we weren't smart enough we weren't attractive enough. We become our own worst enemy. We beat ourselves up. I know I did. For your life to get better, you need to be your own best friend and forgive yourself for not being perfect. And if you can think of nothing good to say about yourself, then say nothing. You have to at least like yourself. Why? Because to be happy and to enjoy loving relationships, you have to feel I deserve this. Two, you find in life what you look for. If you look for faults in your girlfriend or your husband, you find them. If you look for faults in your job or where you live, you find them. And if you look for good things in your partner or your boss in your Friends and neighbors, you find them unhappy people are always waiting for the world to change. But life changes when you change. Ask yourself every day, what's good about my life? And three, you become what you think about. Everything in your life happens twice. First is an idea in your mind. And then you become a picture. A better life doesn't just happen. It first begins as an idea. You

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