Congresswoman Victoria Spartz on Zelensky's Weaknesses


You congresswoman spots have been very forthright in your recent statement. You said the following in your second of three points, president zelensky, has to stop playing politics and theater and start governing to better support his military and local governments. Please, would you expand upon the weaknesses of his current leadership and what needs to be done differently? Well, I kind of expect you saying, you know, and I actually ran them if I partisan cadel right before the war and we had information. And this was very public information that Russia has grown to attack. I can provide reasonable now that maybe mainly just, you know, the key was to explain that they didn't want to have panic, although you know what, you know, welcome and you've been in the war for 8 years. We did more preparation than I was in focus. You handled like a drill that America could, you know, attack us, you know, pretty much all the time in school taught how to put AK-47 together less than 45 seconds and using gas masks and everything else. So regardless of what it is, you have to have people riding, but regardless what's happened before. It's very surprised for me that Ukraine was not included in the war mode because you are in a real war if you maybe have a different assessment before. You need to put your people industry every Ukraine and have to work for efforts to be able to win this war. And I haven't seen this evidence, and I was very surprised as soon as Kyiv started to get involved by ballistic rockers saying, you know, I was surprised to see that a lot of people tried to live their lives as usual, which I understand you get tired of war, but unfortunately your wife and children get them killed right, kidnap human traffic. You have told us a guy on the front line. The economy is getting destroyed. Your country is on the huge attack. You can not have life as usual until you win the war.

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