The Biden Family Is the Best Example of 'Elite Capture'


Maria bartiromo and Marsha Blackburn exposing the Biden crime family. This is all part of it, by the way. The Biden family is the best example of elite capture that we have. They've been totally captured by the Chinese Communist Party. They're held hostage by the Chinese Communist Party. They do what they want. Play cut 20. Let's take a look at that right now because I have a graphic of what appears to be Joe Biden's China policy. First, we know that the family reportedly accepted $31 million at least from deals in China. That is from hunter's laptop. And senator Ron Johnson's investigation and Peter Schweitzer's reporting fails to demand any COVID origins investigation. We have no evidence that Joe Biden ever brought up the origins of COVID to Xi Jinping in the 5 phone calls that he's had. He's failing to call for an end of the fentanyl trafficking. I have not heard him mention fentanyl wants to fentanyl is made in China, pushed through Mexico into America. And it continues. He has canceled the China initiative. This was an initiative that was investigating the continued Chinese intellectual property theft. He's considering lifting the tariffs on China imports. He sent oil from America's strategic reserve to other countries, including China, and he is pushing electric vehicles solar panels and batteries, aggressively in his climate change agenda and many of those are made in China. And that's just part of it. Good for Maria bartiromo for saying that. And not to mention our elites do business with China, BlackRock is heavily invested in China, our corporate masters are intertwined with China. Bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Party. And if I was China, I think that last email was super smart, I would try to do everything I possibly can to try to incite division and chaos here domestically.

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