What Time Is It in the Conservative Movement?


What time is it? In the conservative movement. I believe that is the most operative question we can ask, what time is it? Tell me unpack this is a very wise man, someone I've known for quite a while, and I check his Twitter feed often for how he is analyzing things. Mike zerner, Mike, welcome to the Charlie Kirk show. My pleasure, man. How are you? Good. It's been a while, so let me ask the question, what time is it? And how should we, how should we respond to our leaders unable to answer that question? Well, I mean, what time it is is the surprise, you know, Ben Shapiro did a thing with Jeremy boring with their event, the night where they said, nobody thought roe versus wade would ever be overturned. I would have bet anything. Anything that it never would have been overturned. And I don't mean that in a negative way, just predictably. Nobody ever thought this would happen with the law school 20 years ago. The idea that roe versus the way was going to be overturned was always always a pipe dream. So I think when you think about these things, you always want to think about the spiritual lesson. More so than the current event you always want to contextualize it and it just shows the power of people never giving up, right? That really is the lesson that I took from this is because if you'd asked me, hey, lead the charge against roe versus wade, I would say, well, but she's not going to happen. I got other things to do with my day. She's not going to happen. No offense. You know, all love for you. But just it is what it is. And that's why you just you can just never give up. When you have the left certainly not giving up. But I think that's the lesson here is you have to keep the pressure on people. You have to be unrelenting. You have to keep demanding that the judges, the judicial appointments matter, the that really is a lesson that you can't ever give up on anything

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