Robert Netzly of Inspire Investing Exposes Abortion Vacation Companies


I am speaking now. Again, with our friend who, I don't know how to put this. Robert Nestlé started this thing called inspire investing. And every time we talk, I get very excited about this. Robert, welcome back. It is my pleasure to be here, Eric. We're always talking about roughly the same thing. The idea of this company is to help people understand where their money is going, what they're doing with their money. And if their money is working against what they believe in, we're working for what they believe in. We have just had roe V wade be overturned finally. Thank God. Because it was horrible law. It doesn't even matter your position on abortion. It was just bad law. But we now see companies saying doing this virtue signaling that well, we are so pro abortion, we will pay for our employees to have an abortion, you know, we're not going to pay for them to help them have a kid and to pay for formula and diapers and rent and whatever we're not going to help them have a kid, but we'll help them have an abortion. Most people that I know would say, I don't want to do business with a company like that. Are they crazy? Are they kidding? How can we know whether we are dealing with that kind of a company or aren't? Yeah, we've been inundated with that question ever since late last week when that phenomenal decision came out. We're just praising God for that decision among with so many others. And all these companies coming out and saying that we're going to start paying for abortion travel to states where it's still legal. For the time being anyway. And so we had inspire that's what we specialize. And we have the most robust they said to help people understand what the companies that are in your mutual fund in your 401k, like what are they doing to from a moral perspective? Such as giving money to Planned Parenthood or in this case, we're compiling a really robust dataset on these companies in real time as they're coming out on a daily basis now. Which companies are paying for these travel

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