Rock star Randy Bachman reunited with beloved stolen guitar


Rock legend Randy bachman's long searches over for a cherished guitar Batman's orange 1957 gretch 61 20 Chet Atkins was stolen from a Toronto hotel in 1977 This guitar was magical It was my tool my hammer to make songs and make music Bachmann ended up buying about 300 guitars and unsuccessful attempts to replace it In 2020 a Canadian fan who heard the story of the guitar launched an Internet search and successfully located it in Tokyo the 78 year old bachmann has his guitar back Well when I was playing it in the first song it was very strange to look down and see it The reunion happened during a concert in Tokyo There's something special about this one It is the one So it's just fantastic The guitar belonged to Japanese musician takeshi who agreed to give it to bachmann in exchange for a guitar that was very similar I'm Ed

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