Keith Guinta Describes Why Dr. Francis Collins Should Be in Jail


Folks I'm talking to my friend Keith junta, you can find him at wine patch dot org wine patch dot org. Wine patch dot org. Okay, the article that you wrote FDA is a four letter word. You mentioned doctor Francis Collins. Now he's somebody a few years ago, I would have said, oh, he's a friend. I mention him as a Christian who is a top scientist in my book his atheism dead. But what has happened in the last couple of years that make you say you think he should be in jail? Because I know you don't speak lately. No, and I really mean it. I wrote a piece around somewhere in January when our whole family had had COVID called pandemic of the aborted. And I named Francis Collins out in that one. While Fauci was being used by big media to hypnotize the country, Francis Collins was doing his handshake tour with all the big prevalent pastors. And they all jumped on board. And Francis Collins, this, I'm sorry. It goes beyond the vaccine. Francis Collins is culpable in the engineering and the gain of function testing that gave us SARS CoV-2 to begin with and they use heart still beating fetal organs to do it and none of this. You know, look, Eric, the FBI is breaking down doors of Friends of yours, right? Brandon struck, and you mentioned Simone gold and Brandon chance lead, why aren't they knocking down Francis Collins door? He is so culpable in all of this. And he infected, you know, I don't want to say the names, but it's all the biggie evangelical leaders you can think of. And it all got passed down to the churches and they were all, I watched church after church. They demanded that their staff get

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