How John Ondrasik Found Himself Recording With a Ukrainian Orchestra


You know it's out there on the streaming the streaming platforms the video with the Ukrainian orchestra that we filmed in key 6 weeks ago in front of the Maria the plane that Putin destroyed is available on all the youtubes rumble So just Google save the world with Ukrainian orchestra and it's out there You actually want to give you where'd you find the orchestra That was a good question It's kind of a crazy story Ironically it started with Afghanistan after I had written blood on my hands I somehow find myself embedded with these incredible private groups rescuing Americans and Afghan allies and one of the groups was a group called save our allies You know them well marked because they were the people who saved Benjamin hall's life In Russia I literally saw the ambulance that he was in and I met the man who drove it and saved his life And they were operating in Afghanistan and we were doing some work there and when Ukraine started they moved their operations I'd written the song and one man saved the world And they knew about it And we thought well why don't we do a song with the Polish orchestra because Poland has been so great in this conflict And I asked when to say about Alex folks to connect with them and they said let me call you back And two days later they said how would you like to do with the Ukrainian orchestra And I said exactly what you did Do they exist And it turns out they're scattered across the country but the Ukrainian military was really on board for this project And so we somehow got them a 6 hour window to record the song and I found myself in Kyiv after a crazy journey and there we were in front of the Maria with the orchestra playing this song It was surreal and a minor miracle

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