What Makes an 'X-Factor' Player?


When I say X Factor, forget the player just like the idea of an X Factor. What does that mean to you? So when I watch, when I watch film, when I'm studying or breaking down a team, I always, there's a couple things that just really offensively for me. And just stick with the offense, that really catch my eye. Anytime I see somebody that makes just kind of a rewind able moments, and you can have good rewind moments in bad, bad rewind able moments. But there will always be a dude on office or a dude on defense where you're watching and studying and you're like, wow, wow, wow, I gotta rewind that. And those positive rewind able moments, those guys are the ones that make the explosive plays, the great catch, the tough, the tough tone setter things. Watching San Francisco 49er film. Deebo Samuel, the way he runs the ball the way he catches the ball at the point of catch contact, how strong his hands are, how guys can be draped all over him. He's still coming away with the football. Those are rewind able moments for me. So I look at kind of explosive rewind able moments. And then I look at go to conversion moments, critical situation moments. Who are we going to? What's the guy that you've got to as a quarterback go? I don't care if he's double covered. This is the dude that I'm going to. This is the dude that's going to convert for me. So those are things that I always kind of watch for. As I'm prepping to do a

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