The Dylan catalog, a 60-year rock 'n' roll odyssey, is sold


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That's right And by the way He sold is popularly. Seventy eight which is another one of those amazing miracles. The bob dylan still around still kicking. Well did you hear what he said about this jerry region. But here's what's going to happen you me. We'll be watching You know football game. We're watching wednesday night football thursday night football tuesday night. Football game mini mini games That around these days and there's gonna be a commercial for flow or he'll be commercial for you name it Gimme gimme some tv for apple apple. Lot of apple commercials. That's a good one apple amazon target. And it'll be Some of my friend is blowing in the wind blowing in the wind or something blue. What's blue some blue jet blue. And they'll be tangled up in blue. You'll go what bob dylan. His stuff is going to be of vera readily available companies to put in tv commercials. Because bob dylan sold out. It's bob dylan's if you don't like it if you think you know that he's Not that kind of guy that he wouldn't ever seventy-nine by the way he sold out. He took the money. God bless him his family's gonna why he needs the money but his family is going to be fabulously wealthy for generations but companies like target nap bullen and whatever flow what is flow sell insurance. Press gress yes i defense. They're going to be able to play. Dylan's pay whatever the going rate is and they could play it and you'll hear it all over the place just like you here. You know the rolling stones in some cases or taylor swift and other artists who was amazing. When i read the story it was about some of the other artists of fleetwood. Mac sold theirs for like. I get the number here here. It is eighty million dollars they sold. It wasn't even the whole catalog eighty million dollars. Fleetwood mac and dillon skate. Like columbine could probably name more wallflower songs and he can bog way. Bob dole i. It's right over my head. I have no idea i look. I'm surprised he got three hundred million. Based on the fact that that ship has sailed a long time ago dylan receives a lump sum between two hundred and four hundred I'm not sure what the what. The stevie nicks sold their publishing catalog for eighty million dollars. The dylan portfolio six hundred songs while other bands who have sold their catalogs sold. You know taking the money. Blondie barry manilow and the estates of john lennon and kurt cobaine. I believe john lennon the beatles. Paul mccartney bought them for like a ridiculous amount of money Like eight hundred million. Paul mccartney owns well. Didn't jackson by michael jackson and then mccray jackson and a falling out story there. But there's only one to look up jerry. Three hundred million eighty million two hundred to four hundred million. What did what did brian. Wilson's father sell the beach boys catalogue for another against the wishes without the kids. Even knowing and i think he sold it for like seventy dollars and a coke or something new never spoke to his father again obviously but if the beach boys is the one you would want because of the catchy jingles. Yeah that's true point and that the father sold it for nothing. He had no idea what he had. And what the value of wasn't a guy goes. Hey i'm gonna dig deep here. I'll give you five hundred dollars. Whereas i sold and brian wilson was never the same after it happened. It's a good point. But i think dylan's got a lot of those you know catch even though they you know might be whatever. The revolutionary songs at times they are a change in blowing in the wind and songs like that which will which will fit nicely in commercials. And we'll be sick of them all with and i'm sure he had control over it and limited the exposure but i guarantee you. He sold the rights to some two songs to some commercials. I assume right Yeah i guess. So i mean i don't blame me if you're gonna die soon and you wanna take care of you. Offspring kids grandkids. You say. What the hell. What do i care if not be capitalizing on all the different changes that are going on in the music industry. I bet it's like a five person team that he has controlling the catalog right. Like it's a he. He owns time. Bob no one said a need the money for anything the the couple couple of years ago. Long before covid were dylan on went on tour and performed at three hundred nights in a year three hundred nights in one year deal and he was like seventy five and i don't know anyone that went to see him. He wasn't playing the big rooms anymore but he's just addicted to performing and singing his songs and i must have just an insane amount of money already. I mean just. But it's like what bob cousy sold all his Collectibles always memorabilia. He said what do i need it for. This is going to pay for my grandkids education. And can you blame him for that. I wouldn't. I'm a big lira. Guy when it comes to rock and roll. If you consider dylan rock and roll and dylan for what i again. He's not my bag particularly. I don't have any bob dylan on my phone. But his his lyrics. If back on my i always think that you know if you get ten best lyrics of all time. You don't need a whether they know which way the wind blows is one of the great lines right and i'm with you. I'm a lear. Emma word man to and i love you know singing along to whatever tangled up in blue and he. He won the nobel prize for whatever writing. Poetry didn't show up for the award. You know. I believe. I believe greta thune. Berg was second so she'd go toward for him but no he won the nobel prize. I think he blew the market and show up to get the thing and these the only singer or songwriter to win to win it

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