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It was trying to create something that produced like an even more general model for how How how it can be extended how things can be added and then on top of that. It was really also trying to address this fundamental problem of scale ability like how do we try and push through more transactions. How do we take advantage of the fact that there's an awful lot of workers out there on the network but it's so wasteful to have the mole working on the same thing So it was. It was these twin sort of topics. These this generality and and scale ability and really the division was was just to sort of make blockchain great again. Can we take blockchain to. It's you know a step further Can we actually address some of these really important issues. That we've always known have existed you. You can go really quite far by five ten years And see that people are already thinking. Well we really need to like you know. Process different transactions on different notes. We really need to be more general on it was yeah it was really just. How come we can. We bring this forward. Can we be more general coming process more transactions on different mental. And when you say the words general and abstract. I'm not really sure what you mean. You've also talked about how polkadot is a meta protocol. Are those concepts related. And can you explain what you mean by that. Yes they are they are so metric protocol is like a meta means of after or beyond generally used to mean like the next step down past this concept. So it's like you know A meta protocol is a protocol that govan's another protocol a protocol on which she complained another protocol. It's like a a protocol of appropriate or protocol of protocols. And what i mean by medha protocol in this sense really is that it's an underlying kind of much more basic much simpler protocol on which we build what we would normally consider to be the protocol so to take an example The protocol of of of bitcoin is while we send blocks around in these blocks when you execute them When you when you interpret the blocks all the transactions in them there are you know. transactions with like some script but basically most of the time it means. Send these bitcoins to these addresses and dots. that's a protocol. We led the nodes of the bitcoin network. Understand how to interpret these blocks right language. Basically but it's very difficult once you've set that language is kind of set in stone. It's very difficult to to alter it to change it to introduce additional features to fix books And you know it's like it's it's very rigid. A meta protocol would sit underneath that protocol. Define that protocol and the nice thing is that because it's defined in terms of this meta protocol open. You can change it quite easily. Can you just have to obey the rules of the meta protocol and then the main protocol can can adapt evolve over time so then the question is why is that what you know. What if you need to adoptable. It's on the meta protocol and the the idea that is that we make as simple and as as abstract as possible. We take a pre existing technology. Something that has already kind of been rated through something. The very people from many different sort of stakeholders have already argued about and sorta come to the decision that this is probably the best thing that does this kind of meta protocol this thick stuff and what we did was well. We chose basically webassembly because webassembly is like an industry standard. It's been iterative on. It's actually the already two separate technologies one built by missoula built by google. A sort of been s- plunged together into this into this thing webassembly so it's already got a lot of ideas it's already had a lot of iterations. It's unlikely that ever really get any to change it. And therefore it's it's really good foundation to build our stuff on met this meta protocol and then we just have to define everything else in terms of that. And that's why the protocol comes in so the real polkadot protocal para chains and governance and balanced dot protocol staking. All of stuff is the polkadot protocol and not stuff changes over time but it's defined in terms of the matter protocol that doesn't really change over time and that's that's the stuff that we the we make sure that we've got this tried and tested Very sort of well understood well-known Technology in like so. Yeah it's it is a lot about being flexible and abstract because this top level. The polkadot protocol is not very abstract. I mean it powertrains a pretty good but there's still a very A very specific way of having different sort of shards every specific way of scaling there a specific way of Like having a market mechanism to claim them. So it's it's still like opinionated as we would say there's still a lot of opinions involved in it whereas the webassembly isn't very opinionated. It's not even our opinion it someone else's google's and missoula's and microsoft and all of their opinions really we just said right. Well you guys have had time to argue about whose opinion is best. We'll take the answer news it because we don't want to argue we just want to have something that's stable and that's that sort of because of that it's a more abstract level that we can build things on so there is this like these jewel levels the matter protocol. Abstract very general doesn't change very much and the protocol much more much more opinionated more specific changes a lot because we don't out pins are always wrong in the fullness of time opinions always on the always need changing design always needs changing it. It's a rates over time and we want to allow ourselves to evolve. And that's why having these two separate protocols that met protocol and the bottom. The protocol building on top of it is Is how we achieved that. And it's the same with with It's the same how we get from bitcoins with areas to polkadot there. Is this idea of like well with with bitcoin. It wasn't really programmable with theory. I'm it was kinda programmable be at this very limited computation model with gas and dynamic gas pricing on dynamic accounting resources and limited memory and storage and it was all very expensive and dot

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