A highlight from 459 - Sir Walter Raleigh


Dave. Anthony reads a story from american history to his friend. Gareth reynolds who has no idea what the topic is going to be about. Okay so little more insight into you. Jose's here hey. Hey hey buddy you ever been on the show at awhile. What's new with you as the pandemic how how does he. How does he get around with the seal feet. Don't understand the question. The question has no bearing on reality. The the question is not grounded in any sort of actual -ality is foolish and not worth even ads or not worth dignifying speaking about it now. Is that not a seal. You know for a fact that it has a cat. And you know that you've created this whole narrative and now someone on my wick. Pete wikipedia pages said that i'm a seal trainer or some shit because you name is gary. Listen you shut up for a second. You have inserted all these little things that are just ongoing bits that you just light the fuse of and then you walk away to not even stick around for the explosion because you don't care because you're an empty empty your soulless and by the way you started this one off without a shirt on so you have problems. That was me preparing for comedy and even want to all this attack is and it's it's this is a baseless attack. All all of this attack is it is up to mesa. Attack is to distract from the fact that it's a full attack the pet seal in your home which i believe is illinois. Don't which. I believe. Little cal i do not have that i do not have that. I have a cat in my home. If that's a cat then we're in a very strange world. Yeah yeah we are. Does it is. Does it eat fish. Just start go to the theme. Wow go to the theme. Wow theme me me. how cold it is jim. I'm the fucking guy they've okay and this is not gonna come to tickling quad. Five part. Could now hit him with the puppy. Resent sick arguments live out impo candy. My friend gareth is at your name. Yes dave you're fully aware of that. You know that very well. Yeah you have a good little time over there Intoxicated this is a daytime record. Your wedding early reception giddy right now. We are brought to you. In part by helix helix mattresses yes helixsleep. Look helix They they make mattresses they send them to you. I have one gareth has one I got the. I got the helix lux dusk. It's it's an amazing sleep. My wife did today. It was like we have the

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