George Gascón sworn in as Los Angeles County district attorney, pledges sweeping changes


In los angeles today new district attorney took over. His name is george gas gone and he ran and won as a progressive and he's going to implement progressive policies in one of the things. He did today his very first day. Is that say that on january. The first the use of cash bail is going to end in los angeles county instead. Prosecutors are going to ask judges to release defendants on their own recognizance. Water cases moved through the courts except for homicide or other serious crimes and as we know from segment we did. It's got to be two and a half years ago now. Even when you release people on their own recognizance forget the cash bail thing they come back. Some overwhelming percentage of people come back and and make their court date. And i just i wanted to point that out because we had done it and also because what happens in california frequently leads the nation and los angeles has one of the biggest municipal and city court systems and county court systems in the country. And i think it's of note. And so i have no doubt on this podcast.

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