Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright Are Leaving Vanderpump Rules

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Today. The blow up at vanderpump roles. Oh my goodness jackson. Brittany are leaving the show. What happened right. Oh my god is. Twenty is really putting us through it right now. Trying to make the numbers. Make the numbers. I always say you never wanna be in the club when the lights come on and i think for the two of them. They are new parents. I think they're looking at this new cast and seeing that this may not be a long term thing for us we gotta thing bigger and a lotta times the reality tv personalities they get tv's three year contracts and getting into three year contracts. You have to make a decision at the end of the three years like. Can i see myself doing this for another three years. And i think as parents and as people are that are about to go into a new stage of their lives. They're looking to expand their horizons. So here's what happened over the weekend. Brittany and jack shocked us whenever they posted similar announcements on their instagram. Saying they will not be returning for another season vanderpump roles they also said they are excited to take this time to focus on their growing family. So last season was the last season two seasons ago they started bringing in these younger people. It's like the really still trying to push the focus around the restaurant. I don't care about the restaurant. I care about the oh. Jeez like and they would have followed the to the valley where they've gone and do kind of this whole they're all pregnant and do this whole valley high rules or whatever they want to god valley high something along those lines. Then i'd still be interested. But if i was jackson bernie. I beat the same way. i'd say. How am i supposed to make my life make sense being out here in the valley not going to the bars in west hollywood. I mean it's a truck to the you to to the to west. Hollywood you gotta drive all the way over there just to act like you social scene. Yeah just to do those. I think ultimately what has gone down is just. It's just a natural order of things. They've all evolved out of the story line of this show. It does not make sense for their lives. It would be different if one couple was having a baby but they're literally all having babies. Obviously he's not going to be returning to the show right now or ever so i just feel like for everybody. It just doesn't feel like the same thing. But i also definitely feel like they're not walking away from something without something lined up

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